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About GoodWe solar academy

GoodWe Solar Academy (GSA) is dedicated to providing pre-sales support beyond expectation and becoming an open platform for knowledge sharing and communication in terms of PV industry, products and applications to all people in this field.

Our international ATO (across the ocean to stay with you) team focuses on sharing knowledge of PV applications, offering excellent PV system solutions, providing technical training to our customers across the globe with a range of topics covering different needs from PV installers, PV system designers, investors and distributors. We host and participate in training sessions in forms of conference, seminar, workshop and online webinar.


Join us for our upcoming training sessions . We offer a wide range of webinars and seminars on a variety of topics in multiple languages.


We provide a broad range of high-quality videos that covers topics of products introduction, installation operation, PV solution and market trend. Now we offer over 100 videos in multiple languages.

Tech Solution

We are committed to offering excellent PV system solutions to our customers across the globe in a variety of formats, including technical articles, user manuals, and journals. All the knowledge you need for your PV System is available to you here.


GoodWe Solar Community initiated and hosted by GoodWe and organized in collaboration with a number of strategic partners,is committed to building a knowledge sharing platform in PV solar industry.

To this end, we set up a forum to connect GoodWe and all stakeholders in the PV market. We look forward to solving your technical problems here, sharing and visualizing GoodWe's latest industry solutions, and discussing industry development trends.


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