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Installers Friendly(Part I)

2022-08-29 16:30


With the development of photovoltaic systems, the installation of photovoltaic systems has become more and more complex. The influx of various inverter brands and the increasing demands on system safety have led installers to face more challenges than before in the process of installing PV systems.

Nothing can resist you from quick and easy access to your system since GoodWe makes things easier for installers.

One-stop convenient solution center

GoodWe offers convenient solar system that designed to maximize overall efficiency with multiple functional units integrated into one inverter, and all the necessary accessories incorporated in accessory box. For instance, customers don’t have to pay for the CT or smart meter that is a necessity for storage inverters.

Moreover, in order to facilitate the site configuration, GoodWe provides different communication modules according to the field application environment. It is worth mentioning that GoodWe has self-developed batteries for energy storage inverters that make the energy storage system more adaptable.

GoodWe also provides building integrated PV (BIPV) solution to achieve a balance among health, comfort, energy-saving and environmental protection.


GoodWe inverters are compatible with all the mainstream PV modules on the market. To adapt to the latest PV industry trend, GoodWe has quickly respond to larger current trend of PV modules and developed new series with higher DC input current.

In addition, GoodWe inverters also support different communication protocols to meet the application needs of different application scenarios.


Easy installation

GoodWe has always put user experience in the priority list, so we provide quick electrical connection, plug and play communication modules, batteries modules and aviation plugs for RS485 for the ease and convenience of installation. 

      Cables Ready

GoodWe provides all the components needed for system operation to avoid the secondary procurement. For example, cables to battery and smart meter are prepared by GoodWe, and  connected to the inverter before shipment. Installers only need to connect these cables to battery side and smart meter side which can greatly decrease installation time on site.

      Plug & Play communication module

Wireless communication is necessary for the local commissioning especially for the inverter without display screen. It is also essential for remote controlling and monitoring. The installer can choose different plug & play communication modules, such as WiFi, Bluetooth and 4G module. According to the different scenarios, installers can simply connect the module to the communication port of an inverter and complete configuration with APP.

Aviation plugs for RS485 communication

The RS485 communications technology provides efficient monitoring of PV systems over long distances or in areas with strong electrical interference. The aviation plug of the RS485 communication with zero-export, DRED or remote shutdown supporting multiple inverter communications, are included in the accessory pack. The user can connect the RS485 cable according to the wiring sequence easily.

      Plug & Play battery module

In fact, batteries are difficult for installation because battery modules should be connected without any mistake. Otherwise, it may cause battery damage or any other problem. Therefore, GoodWe has put a lot of thoughts into battery product design.

GoodWe uses instant connection design instead of complex wiring between modules so that installers can save a lot of wiring time. At the same time, the easy installation can avoid the risk caused by wiring errors. In maintenance, the battery modules that need to be repaired or replaced can be removed separately without affecting the use of other modules.In addition, GoodWe battery prepares Plug & Play COM port, so that the BMS cable with the inverter can be connected or removed freely.