GoodWe Load Control Solution

GoodWe Load Control Solution

Author: Eric

2022-02-14 11:40


With the popularization of high power loads such as electric car and water heat, the demand of energy storage system to control the operation of high power loads is more and more intense. GoodWe provides the load control solution for three-phase storage inverters (ET Series).


System Connection

The inverter integrates a Dry contact which can be connected to the contactor to control the loads on or off. If DO relay is off at inverter side, A1 and A2 of the contactor will connect to L and N, so that the contactor will be turned off. Then the load will connect to grid or inverter backup output port through the contactor.


Mode Introduction

GoodWe load control solution has 3 different modes.


1. Power Switching mode

In power switching mode, users can turn Loads on or off according to the current needs. The following example shows the inside logic while turning loads off. When the DO relay is opened, the contactor is not activated. Then the Smart-grid Ready Heat Pump can’t be supported. DO relay can open or close through the PV master.

2. Time mode

In time mode, there are two options, standard time mode and intelligent time mode.

2.1 Standard time mode:

In standard time mode, it is necessary to set ‘turn on time’, ‘turn off time’ and ‘repeat days’. The system will control the load operation during the interval. The following example shows the inside logic while selecting the time period between 09:00 am and 9:30 am to turn loads on.

2.2 Intelligent time mode:

In intelligent time mode, along with the setting of ‘turn on time’, ‘turn off time’ and ‘repeat days’, it is also necessary to set ‘load consumption time’ which means the shortest running time of the load, and ‘nominal power of the load’ which means once the excess PV power exceeds the set power, loads will be turned on automatically.

The following example shows that if the rated power of Smart-grid Ready Heat Pump is 1000W, once PV generation is more than 1000W during 09:00 am to 9:30 am, DO relay of the inverter will be off to turn the Smart-grid Ready Heat Pump on.

3. Backup load control mode:

In backup load control mode, the DO port should be connected to the contactor to control part of backup loads. The system will turn loads on until battery SOC is lower than off-grid battery protection value.



Please follow the steps as below to configure the inverter on GoodWe PV Master App via WiFi or Bluetooth. (see attached)







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