GoodWe smart charging

GoodWe smart charging

Author: Yunong

2023-12-21 16:00


With the popularization of electric vehicles, the demand for combining the residential PV or storage system to control the charging of electric vehicle (EV) is becoming increasingly intense. GoodWe provides the smart charging solution for all the grid-tied and storage inverters.


EV Charger


GoodWe HCA series EV charger includes 7kw for single phase and 11kw/22kw for three phase.

Ouptut power(W) 7000 11000 22000
Output voltage(Vac) 230 400 400
Output current(A) 32 16 32


GoodWe EV charger integrated with multiple protections, such as overvoltage and undervoltage protection, overload protection, ground fault protection, and lightning protection. Also, GoodWe EV charger have an IP65 protection rating to ensure it can work both indoors and outdoors. In terms of communication, GoodWe EV charger have 2 communication methods, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.


Smart charging System connection


GoodWe residential EV charger system includes pv panels, grid-tied inverter or hybrid storage inverter, Li-Ion battery, smart meter with CT, other home loads , EV charger and the grid.


EV Charger Mode Introduction

GoodWe EV Charger has 3 different modes.

1.       Fast charge mode

The EV Charger system will charge the electric vehicle at maximum power.  if the stoage inverter using self cosummption mode then during the daytime, PV supports the home loads and EV charger at the same time, If PV is insufficient, the battery will discharge to the home loads and EV charger. If battery discharge power is not enough to support the EV and home loads,home system will buy power from grid.

2.       PV Priority

The EV charger system will only utilize the remaining PV power to charge the EV. During the daytime, the PV system will prioritize supplying power to the home loads. Any excess power will be used to charge the electric vehicle. 

When customer enable Ensure minimum charging power function , when PV surplus is lower 4.14kw(for 3 phase charger) or 1.38kw (for one phase charger), it will continue charging at 4.14 or 1.38kw,EV will get the power from battery or grid. When PV surplus is higher than minimum charging power, it will charge at PV surplus.

3.       PV+Battery

The EV charger system will use PV power and battery to charge the electric vehicle. Normally, the EV system do not get the power from grid. But when customer enable Ensure minimum charging power function, when PV surplus is lower 4.14kw(for 3 phase charger) or 1.38kw (for one phase charger), it will continue charging at 4.14 or 1.38kw,EV will get the power from battery or grid.

Also, GoodWe smart charging solution also supports scheduled charging. Customer can set a time period during which electric prices are lower.


Given the increasing energy prices on one hand and decreasing feed-in tariffs on the other, solar rooftop owners are strongly advised to optimize their self-consumption and PV power backup. By expanding the PV and energy storage system to incorporate electric vehicle charging, a significant level of energy independence can be achieved. When combined with GoodWe inverters and EV chargers, this creates a smart and highly efficient residential ecosystem.


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