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GoodWe highlights net-zero-enabling Smart Energy Management System at BNEF Summit London 2021

2021-10-25 16:33

As a sponsor for this year’s Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) Summit, GoodWe shined a light on key clean energy technologies that will be integral to the realization of a net-zero future. BNEF brings together industry leaders, investors, and policy makers in the same room to share ideas, insights, and connections that shape clean energy policies, push forward innovative technologies, and accelerate real-world market adoption.

GoodWe hosted a themed breakfast on Day 2 of the Summit (19 October) under the topic "Local Flexibility Markets, Virtual Power Plants, Inverters and Smart Energy Management.” Discussion during the session was focused on key trends that have emerged in the main markets, the opportunities available for investors and operators, and how these tie into the plant operation and systems offered by equipment suppliers.

The breakfast session served as a central point for developers, equipment suppliers, utilities, investors, and financiers to learn about the trends that will answer the demands of the energy future — among these are local flexibility markets (LFMs) and virtual power plants (VPPs). Some of the key issues highlighted were the need to utilize storage for grid stability and support the grid, as well as the need for increased IoT, device efficiency, and power-generation efficiency. The important role that inverters have begun to play in enabling increased system flexibility, grid stability, and asset profitability through smart energy management was highlighted.

The session speaker, GoodWe Europe GmbH’s Senior Sales Manager Projects, Michael Heidenreich showed how GoodWe has been at the forefront of investing in the research and development of innovative net-zero-enabling technologies and smart energy operation and management ecosystems. During the session, he shed more light into its innovative Smart Energy Management System (SEMS) and the system’s two main anchors: clean energy and digital energy — each configured to maximize the value that operators and consumers receive by delivering low-carbon energy that is safe, economical, and high-yielding.

The system is being used in the management of energy services for both smart energy cities and rural zero-carbon villages that have set out to optimize their energy structures and improve energy efficiency. SEMS has succeeded in significantly improving solar energy efficiency, maximizing self-consumption ratios, and reducing dependence on the grid at various sites worldwide. All this ultimately works to deliver benefits to end users in the form of lower electricity prices, and to VPP companies as they not only gain substantial earnings from selling green energy, but are also able to strengthen their ESG proportions for greater value creation.

With cases from top markets, such as Australia and the US, in which SEMS has been adopted, GoodWe showed how both innovative equipment and systems are enabling consumers owning VPP assets to earn value from delivering grid services such as Frequency Control Ancillary Services (FCAS), and allowing local communities to be able to participate in electricity trading.

The BNEF Summit is an important platform for bringing these key innovations center stage, and in its themed session, GoodWe spotlighted practical, effective, and successful solutions that will drive greater clean energy adoption and serve as an answer to the demands of a net-zero future.






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