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Installers Friendly(Part II)

2022-09-06 10:54

Easy commissioning

The next step after installation of a solar system is to do on-site commissioning. GoodWe provides SolarGo APP to communicate with inverter via communication modules locally on site. The installer can connect to the inverter through SolarGo APP on their smart phones. SolarGo supports different communication type such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPRS, 4G. The installer can connect to the inverter through SolarGo APP on their smart phones. SolarGo supports different communication type such as Wi-Fi, bluetooth, GPRS, 4G. SolarGo provides basic settings including choosing safety code and grid type for the grid-tied inverters and the selection of the operation mode for the storage inverters. Some advanced setting such as grid parameters setting, power limit setting and curve setting are also available for installers.

In addition to the commissioning function, apps can also display the real-time operation status of the PV system. If there is any problem, The APP will display the alarm timely with the error code.

Convenient Maintenance

After system commissioning, the remote monitoring of the system will be important for the subsequent maintenance. The data of the inverter needs be uploaded to the server first for solar system monitoring.  For single inverter, we can directly use wireless communication modules, i.e. Wifi, LAN and 4G module. For multiple inverters, GoodWe also provides smart communication box to collect invertersdata and to communicate with server.


Once the inverter data are successfully uploaded, users can remotely monitor the real time operation data and view historical data through GoodWE SEMS Portal APP ore website. SEMS monitoring function gives you instant and round-the-clock access to all the most important system data, such as the generation data, plant and device status and the alarm message. Based on the data, SEMS provides energy statics, generation report and yields comparison that can help installer to maintain the plants. SEMS also Open the permission of some remote control functions for the user with authority to handle some emergency situations remotely.


GoodWe always insist he simple vision: Innovate the worlds smart energy future. We strive to create the best experience for distributors and installers with a quicker and easier installation and commissioning process. To ease maintenance burden, GoodWe launched one-stop convenient solution for various applications. The customer focused design and easy access of smart APPs and website make the installation, commissioning and maintenance of GoodWe inverter convenient and efficient.

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