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GOODWE AC Retrofit Solution (North America Only)

2021-09-07 20:27

For the unique market demands (retrofit solution and split grid), GOODWE developed A-BP series which have an output power ranging from 5 kW to 9.6 kW. GOODWE A-BP series can support full back-up application and partial back-up application.



According to different requirements, GOODWE can provide two different applications. Namely, full back-up application and partial back-up application.


1. Generac ATS has been tested. (GOODWE ATS COMING SOON)

2. GOODWE Smart Meter GM2000 is built in A-BP


Table 1. Application Scenarios of A-BP Full Back-up Solution


1. Generac ATS has been tested. (GOODWE ATS COMING SOON)

2. GOODWE Smart Meter GM2000 is built in A-BP.

3. Loads need to be classified into on-grid loads and back-up loads


Table 2. Application Scenarios of A-BP Partial Back-up Solution

Micro-Grid Solution

When grid power fails, A-BP automatically switches to back-up mode. The solar inverter automatically switches to back-up side from on-grid side of A-BP through Generac ATS. The solar inverter continues to work to support loads and charge the battery. A micro-grid system works according to the following table:


Table 3. Micro-Grid System Working Logic

Micro Grid Frequency Shifting

When the battery SOC is high and the charging power is detected or charging current is limited, A-BP will increase the output frequency, causing the solar inverter to reduce the output power, until the battery enters a low-power discharge state.


A micro-grid system configuration must meet the following rules.

1.A micro-grid system only supports one solar inverter.

2.If the solar panel and solar inverter have been installed, when you select the capacity of A-BP and battery, please satisfy the following constraint formula. PA-BP ≥ P_ solar inverter Min {Min. VBAT*Min {Max. IBAT_Chg, Max.IA-BP_BatChg},PA-BP} ≥ Min{PPanel,PPVInverter}

3.The battery voltage in the micro-grid system must not be higher than 405V.

4.The solar inverter must respond to the following Frequency-Watt curve. (in Figure 4)

5.When the frequency is shifted to over 60.5 Hz, solar inverter will shut down in 5 minutes.


PA-BP : Rated Power of A-BP

P_ solar inverter : Rated Power of the solar Inverter

PPanel : Rated Power of the Panel

Min.VBAT : Minimum Output Voltage of the Battery

Max.IBAT-Chg : Maximum Charging Current of the Battery

Max.IA-BP_BatChg : Maximum Battery Charging Current of A-BP


Export Power Limitation

When the CT detects the signal of exporting power, export power limitation can be realized if Lithium-ion battery hasn’t been full charged. After the Lithium-ion battery has been full charged, export power limitation totally depends on whether solar inverter has such function or not.



When grid is unavailable, solar inverter will lose signal of export power limitation which is enabled. A continue working solar inverter ensures a successful micro-grid system.


Table 4. A-BP Compatible Battery List


*LG RESU 10H Type-R battery is incompatible with A-BP under micro-grid system circumstance


Table 5. GOODWE Battery Information



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