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Battery ready Solution of GoodWe

2021-11-02 10:36


Battery Ready is an option GoodWe offers to customer who is not intended to install battery system for the time being but still wants to reserve this option for future availability. GoodWe provides EHR series and ETR series to meet the demands of single-phase and three-phase system respectively. The battery function of EHR and ETR is dormant and can be activated by a code purchased from GoodWe.

There are two options available to customer for EHR/ETR product package.


Option 1. Inverter (without battery function) + Smart Meter

The inverter (EHR/ETR) works as a standard grid-tied inverter but with additional backup function. It is also available to have export power limit and load monitoring functions.


Option 2. Inverter (without battery function and no Smart Meter)

The inverter (EHR/ETR) works as a common grid-tied inverter with backup function.


Battery Function Activation Procedure

If battery function of EHR/ETR is required to upgrade the current solar system into an energy storage system, an activation code purchased from GoodWe (without electrical retrofit) and Smart Meter are needed to activate this function. The activation procedure is demonstrated as below.


For EHR series, it is able to activate battery function both on PV Master by installer and remotely by GoodWe After-sales. But for ETR series, it is only available to activate battery function by GoodWe After-sales.
Please refer to the following table for easy understanding.


If you want to activate battery function remotely, please make sure the inverter has already been connected to network stably.

Activation procedure on PV Master APP for EHR series is demonstrated as below.


Each EHR/ETR inverter has its own unique code for battery function activation and the code of one inverter cannot be applied to another.


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