How to connect OVGR&RPR with GOODWE inverter

How to connect OVGR&RPR with GOODWE inverter

Author: Cindy

2022-07-12 10:27

With the popularity of PV installation, as well as the increase of application scenarios. More and more devices need to be connected to the system to implement some special functions. Especially in Japan, there is an increasing need to connect to OVGR&RPR. According to this need, GOODWE provides the solution for customers as below.



OVGROver Voltage Ground Relayis used to detect whether the ground voltage of the circuit is going up or not. Ground voltage is also called zero phase voltage. It is a kind of protection device to detect the grounding accident caused by high voltage circuit cable or machine insulation aging, or electrical contact with ground.

Omit condition of OVGR (Refer to Figure 1 attached)

1.When the output power of the PV system is less than 5% of the contracted power.

2.When the output power of the PV system is under 10kW.

For the details, please discuss with local grid company.



RPRReverse Power Relayis used to detect the power exported from PV system to grid. When the customer have a zero export contract with the grid company, if PV system is under the condition of independent operation, the relay will prevent the PV power exporting to grid.


Connection between PV system and OVGR/RPR

STEP1: Connect GOODWE PV system

1. Connect GOODWE inverters to EzloggerPro hand in hand.

EzloggerPro is a device to collect inverters’ data, and then upload data to GOODWE sever to realize remote monitoring of the whole PV system. One device can connect maximum of 20 inverters.

For detailed system connection method, please refer to GOODWE portal to download the product user manual and quick installation guide. (see picture attached)


2.Connect EzloggerPro with OVGR/RPR

OVGR/RPR needs to connect to the specified DI port on EzloggerPro.

If the connection is wrong, EzloggerPro can’t receive the ON/OFF signal from OVGR/RPR .

After the correct connection, please turn on the inverter’s PV switch to start the inverter.

If the inverter is normal, the power lamp on the inverter will stay green.



COM1 is used to connect inverters(Max. 20), COM4 is used to connect power control unit.COM2&3 is useless for this system. Regarding to the connection between OVGR/RPR and grid, please refer to OVGR/RPR user manual. (see picture attached)


3.Set the parameter of OVGR/RPR by ProMate

EzloggerPro must be set up by the software called ProMate. For the details, please refer to‘GW_EzLogger Pro_User Manual-JP’ on GOODWE portal. 

(find the complete article attached)




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