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O&M management of large-scale PV power plants (Part I)

2022-07-20 16:24

In the whole life cycle of a photovoltaic power station, the operation and maintenance of a photovoltaic power station directly determines the investor's rate of return, so improving efficiency and reducing costs are always the goal of operation and maintenance personnel. If a large amount of funds and energy are invested in the early stage to improve the construction quality level of photovoltaic power stations, without paying attention to the operation and maintenance work after the completion of the power station, it will cause the ROI of the entire project to be greatly reduced. Therefore, doing a good job in the operation and maintenance of the entire life cycle of photovoltaic power plants is the top priority of the photovoltaic industry.

Photovoltaic power generation operation and maintenance management mainly includes: production operation and maintenance management (integrated operation and maintenance management), safety management, quality management, power marketing management, material management, and information management. Production operation and maintenance management is the core of the production field, and other management methods assist production operation and maintenance management.


1. Preparation before operation

1.1. Operation and maintenance staffing and intervention time

The deployment of photovoltaic power station operation and maintenance personnel is generally based on the capacity of the power station with 1.2 to 1.5 operation and maintenance personnel at 10MW, with a minimum of 4 people, and a two-shift mechanism is implemented. A power station is staffed according to the organizational structure of 1 station master, 1 deputy station master, 2 to 4 duty officers, electrical engineers, and ordinary operation and maintenance personnel. All personnel need to obtain a special operation certificate (high voltage electrician) and an operation and maintenance certificate issued by the dispatcher.


The best time for operation and maintenance personnel to intervene is when electrical commissioning starts during the construction period of the power station. At this time, the operation and maintenance personnel can participate in the commissioning of various power equipment with the manufacturers and commissioning unit engineers, familiarize themselves with the configuration of the power equipment of the power station, have a clearer understanding of the configuration of the electrical equipment of the power station, and conduct equipment materials and equipment installation quality inspection. The configuration of the monitoring platform is particularly important. During the configuration, the operation and maintenance personnel should communicate with the manufacturers to monitor the production details of the platform so as to facilitate their own use in the future. For the communication lines in the power station, it is necessary to promptly request the commissioning unit to make a label or do it by yourself, to facilitate the maintenance of the equipment in the later period. During the commissioning period, the operation and maintenance personnel should know the basics and be handy when taking over the operation and maintenance work after the power station is put into operation in the future.


1.2. Preparation of operation and maintenance system

Photovoltaic power plants must establish a sound operation management system, including but not limited to photovoltaic power plant operation and maintenance procedures, work ticket system, operation ticket system, operation monitoring system, tool management system, operation duty system, shift system, patrol inspection system, and equipment Maintenance and repair system, defect management system, operation analysis system, skill training system, spare parts and warehouse management system, etc.


1.3. Prepare power station materials

Before the power station is put into operation, it is necessary to purchase the necessary materials for operation, which generally include safety tools, commonly used tools, instruments, labor protection products, safety facilities, emergency and rescue supplies, office supplies, capital operation and maintenance vehicles, and handover from the construction period Product information, spare parts and other materials. At the same time, the team should manage the material ledger accordingly. There must be detailed records of all materials leaving and entering the warehouse, and the history can be checked.

1.4. Sorting out the operating data of the power station

Before the photovoltaic power station is connected to the grid, the operation and maintenance personnel need to obtain the relevant materials to be handed over from the construction party (including but not limited to, access system design review, electrical equipment product information, construction drawings, completion drawings, completion reports, equipment contracts, construction Contract and other documents) and save it.

Part II will be published next week, as well as the attachment of the complete article.


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