O&M management of large-scale PV power plants (Part II)

O&M management of large-scale PV power plants (Part II)

Author: Park

2022-07-26 10:31

Grid-connected trial operation

Establish a grid-connected acceptance team

Establish a grid-connected team responsible for pre-grid project acceptance, equipment operation training, dispatch training, data collection and preparation of grid-connected plans and grid-connected start-up plans, etc., and should arrange for special personnel to connect and dispatch, and be responsible for communicating with the grid company about pre-grid matters.

On-site grid connection work

The operation and maintenance personnel need to contact the dispatch center at the time agreed by the dispatch, execute the operation ticket content issued by the dispatch, and report the dispatch operation one by one. After the equipment of the booster station is connected to the grid, the operation and maintenance personnel must confirm that all equipment is operating without abnormalities before sending power to the photovoltaic area. The main job is responsible for closing the transformer impulse cabinet and inverter. During the trial operation after the power station is connected to the grid, the operation and maintenance team needs to send a special person to check the operation of the equipment after the grid is connected, and pay attention to checking the background electrical data and the operating status of the primary equipment. If there is an abnormality, the operation and maintenance personnel should immediately report the dispatch request to disconnect the abnormal equipment. It will be connected to the grid after inspection and repair.


Related work after grid connection

After being connected to the grid, it has officially entered the operation and maintenance stage of the power station. At this time, the power station is the battlefield for operation and maintenance personnel. The operation and maintenance management of the power station after grid connection is the core work of the power station.

Production operation and maintenance management

Two tickets management: Two tickets run through all links of power station operation. Strict implementation of the two-invoice management system can effectively prevent mis operations and play a vital role in safety risk control and maintenance quality control.

Inspection management: Make inspection plans and inspection routes, make inspections once a day, and record them in the operation log, analyze the causes of abnormal defects found and deal with them in time. The inspection scope should be reasonably planned. For large power stations, the inspection scope should be reasonably arranged in combination with the data and fault information of the monitoring system, and the inspection should be targeted.

Handover management: The power station shift team shall conduct a comprehensive handover of information such as power station information, scheduling plans, spare parts usage, tool borrowing, key usage, and abnormal conditions to ensure that the shift team obtains comprehensive information about the power station.

Electricity report management: The power station attendant should record the power generation information regularly every day and summarize it in the power generation report. The square matrix with abnormal power generation should be reported in time to analyze the cause of the abnormality. At the same time, the monthly statistics of power generation are compared with the settlement power.

Maintenance management: All maintenance work must comply with the power station maintenance system to ensure the order and safety of maintenance work. Maintenance management includes maintenance and preventive testing of existing malfunctioning equipment.

Production insurance and claims management: in order to ensure the normal operation of the power station and reduce the power loss or business interruption caused by various factors. It is recommended that power stations purchase production-related insurances. The main types of insurance purchased include business interruption insurance, disaster insurance, and equipment quality insurance.

Document management: including document system construction (document coding system, document classification system, document grading system, etc.), design document management, completion report management, commissioning report management, contract document management, drawing management, daily production document management, technical transformation document management , Overhaul document management, equipment specification certificate, electronic document record management, document system management, document destruction process management, etc. (Please see enclosure  for details.)

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