GoodWe PLC Communication Solution

GoodWe PLC Communication Solution

Author: Spencer

2021-12-21 10:58


It is more important to find a proper communication methods based on different system environment. For example, PLC is normally used in large commercial or utility scale projects because of it cost-saving characters like saving communication cable cost and O&M and system installation cost comparing with RS485. It is also more convenient and stable comparing with separeated Wi-Fi or LAN communication methods.

1. PLC is a way that use power line to transmit modulated carrier signals, and unscrambled at the receiver end.

2. Normally it is used in a no load solar (before the signal is unscrambled) system.



DEVICES: SCB2000 Communication Box

SCB2000 holds PLC communication board, Datalogger board and Optical Fibre communication board together inside, is a specific solution for PLC communication requirement.


DEVICE: SCB3000 Communication Box


1. On the low-voltage side of transformer system,if there is consumers, the isolation transformer shall be adopted loads and PLC system

2. SCB2000 deices need 230V AC power supply to activate it, so please make sure 230V AC power is available in close to SCB2000 device

1. In a fibre ring system, one of the SCB 2000 devices must be set as master device, and the other units will be seen as slaves automatically(see below)

2. In fibre ring system, any one breakpoint on the fibre ring will not affect data transfer because data can be transferred through other ways.


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