GoodWe Smart Controlling Storage System

GoodWe Smart Controlling Storage System

Author: Eric

2022-01-24 10:40


GoodWe provide a smart control solution for storage system. Includes auto-switching, remote control, 100% unbalance output, automatic black start, load control, system monitoring , etc.



GoodWe energy storage system can switch your system to back-up mode when blackout. The whole switching process is managed automatically and can be activated in less than 10ms.



Except the auto switching function, GoodWe also provides an easy and convenient remote control solution. There are multiple settings that can be set in GoodWe remote control platform, such as turn on/off the inverter, safety parameter setting, operation mode setting, etc. The remote control solutions make it possible for operators to respond to emergencies in a timely manner, whether on your PC or mobile phone.


Have you ever had the experience that when solar power generation is low, The load consumes expensive electricity from the grid in non-emergency time?

In this case, having the ability to freely control such not-urgent high-power loads and recharge them when there is a surplus of solar generation can greatly increase the self-use ratio of your solar generation and save your electricity billl.

GoodWe load control function can provide a smart solution for you in this scenario. You can freely control the working time for the specific load through your smartphone, allowing you to control the power consumption of your high-power loads on demand.



GoodWe provide the system monitoring solution for storage inverter system. The end user can check the PV generation, load consumption, self-use ratio, battery charge/discharge energy, remotely on your PC or mobile phone.

End user can manage and assign the power more reasonably base on these data to realize a smart home.



GoodWe black start solution allows the entire electrical grid goes dark and all the batteries of your storage system have been over-discharged, then the system can back to work if the pv power or the grid recover.

In such a scenario, many inverters and batteries would be unable to turn back automatically because they need manual operation to start and run. GoodWe system can operate automatically.



In a three-phase grid system, it is common to have individual balanced loads, which need a three-phase power supply, such as air conditioners and ovens. However, it is more common that some loads just need single-phase power supply such as lighting, single-phase motors or other household appliances. In this case, the consumption in the whole three-phase grid system would be unbalanced.

GoodWe unbalance output solution allow output power depending on the load consumption of each individual phase, rather than output limited power based on the demand of the minimum phase demand. This allows the end user to maximize the overall system power generation, which can increase cost-saving ratio and load flexibility on each phase.

GoodWe provide an intelligent and innovative smart control solution for storage inverter system to make your life easier and more convenient.

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