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Application of PV building material on Industrial Roof


As industry has become a main source of carbon dioxide emission, the application of PV building material on industrial roofs has drawn more and more attention. However, nowadays industrial roofs are faced with many issues, such as water leakage or low load- bearing capacity to support conventional solar panels. For these issues, GoodWe has launched a new product targeting industrial roof which can meet the requirement of safety, waterproofing and light weight. If you want to have a more specific understanding of this product, do not hesitate to attend and share your creative vision.

10:00-10:40 Application of PV Building Materials on Industrial Roof
10:40-11:00 Q&A


Celia Chen

Expertise in application of PV in buildings and localization of English documents, now working as a Solution Engineer in the PV Building Materials Solutions BU.

Fri,10:00 - 11:00,2022-09-23 GMT+2


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