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Reinforce the evolving C&I Solar Projects in Thailand

The Thai solar energy market is expected to record a CAGR of 8.5% during the forecast period 2022–2027 and one of the biggest winners will be the rooftop solar. In this webinar, WoodMackenzie will share the latest PV outlook of Thailand solar market, GoodWe will take along with Longi to provide the advanced PV solutions to thailand market, believe that you will understand aspects of Thailand solar energy. Join us right now to share your opinions!


13:00  Webinar Opening Speech by GoodWe Sathian

13:05  WoodMackenzie Zhang Xin, Outlook of Thailand PV market

13:25  LONGi Pitchpitha Bencha, Company brief and products portfolio

13:45  GoodWe Sathian.Khamanukul, GoodWe advanced PV solutions

14:00  Panel discussion

Understanding the uptake and growth of energy storage solar system in Thailand

PV technology development and cost saving solutions for business owners

The advantages of installing solar system for businesses owners and the ROI

Cover the entire value chain of C&I Solar Project Development

14:20  Q&A Time

14:30  End 


Sathian Khamanukul

Key Account Manager, GoodWe Thailand


Pitchpitha Bencha

Sales Manager, LONGi Thailand


Zhang Xin

Market Consultant, WoodMackenzie Solar


Fri,13:00 - 14:30,2022-04-22 GMT+7


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