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Solar Energy and storage opportunities in Indonesia

On Sep-2nd, GoodWe and Trina solar will present the PV manufactories to discuss about the potential and development of renewable energy in Indonesia. The 1.5 hour webinar will be held in Indonesian and will include a Q & A session.


Richard Mercury

Country Manager of GoodWe Indonesia


Yabes Supit

I have been working in Sales and Marketing especially on projects for more than 15 years. Having excellent capabilities and knowledge of Sales & Marketing strategy and its application. Now I become Sales Manager in Trinasolar for Indonesia Region, I’m interested in saving our environment, in the previous company I’m focusing on water efficiency, and now I’m focusing on energy efficiency to make our world greener, so we can give a better future for our next generation.

Fri,15:00 - 16:30,2022-09-02 GMT+7


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